Imperial West

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Dec 31, 2009 eye icon72

Imperial West will provide multidisciplinary research space for Imperial scientists and engineers to tackle some of the global challenges faced today, together with state-of-the-art space for translating research ideas into direct applications and spin-out companies. Plans for the site include a publicly accessible square, accommodation, leisure and retail facilities, a conference centre, and homes. The first buildings, Wood Lane Studios, opened in September 2012 and provide accommodation to over 500 postgraduate students. The next phase of the development will see the realisation of the vision for the £150 million Research and Translation Hub.

Imperial West is in White City, a regeneration area close to the A40 and accessible from all major national and international transport hubs. The site is adjacent to Imperials Hammersmith Medical Campus and will be at the heart of Londons new research quarter.

September 2009: Imperial purchases former BBC Woodlands site for £28 million July 2012: Planning permission for the Colleges masterplan granted by London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham September 2012: Phase one completed with the opening of Wood Lane Studios October 2012: The College receives a £35 million award to support development of £150 million Research and Translation Hub March 2013: The College launches its vision for Imperial West June 2013: The College extends the Imperial West site to 25 acres